What Is God’s Desire for Our Lives?

What Is God’s Desire for Our Lives?

Times of pain bring me to my knees. Is this what Jesus felt like? Whether the pain of physical ailment or sickness, or the agony of betrayal and heartache - Jesus can relate. Though pain is inevitable this side of heaven, God doesn’t want those things for us. His plan for our lives is good, and Jesus died so we could live life the full. How does our reality reconcile with God’s goodness? Through Jesus.

When we can look around, whether at people we love or people we don’t love so much, and realize we’re all loved the same by God, we’ll begin to understand the senselessness of comparison and jealousy. No one person is alike in this world, but we all have the same opportunity to embrace life through Christ:

If we will open our hearts to Him, God will fill us to the brim and overflowing. He is all we need and everything we are looking for. 


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