10 Beautiful Prayers to Say during Your Pregnancy

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10 Beautiful Prayers to Say during Your Pregnancy

You’re pregnant – congratulations! This is an emotional time of rejoicing, praying, thanksgiving, praying, planning, and praying. The repetition of praying is intentional because as with every circumstance in life, our first duty and privilege is to come before the Lord in prayer. Yet all Christians sometimes fall short of words when we pray. Thank God we have the Holy Spirit, who intercedes for us when words fail us (Romans 8:26).

May the following 10 prayers encourage you during the time God is using you to birth a new soul. (I am using a little girl for the prayers so they don’t get awkward with parentheses, etc. If you’re having a boy, congratulations and feel free to personalize it for him!)

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1. Praise

Father God,

You formed us from nothing. Nothing! And You created a perfect man and a perfect woman. How wondrous are Your thoughts and Your works. I praise You as did King David when he praised You because he was fearfully and wonderfully made. Your kindness and patience overwhelms my heart to the point I have no words that are worthy of Your magnificence. Please accept my humble offering of praise to You, for You alone are worthy.

I praise You for blessing me with the privilege of carrying a child within me. I praise You for this new life and how You’ve created us to be fruitful for our good and most of all for Your glory.

For Your glory we pray,


2. Thanksgiving

Lord God,

My beloved husband and I are thankful to You for creating a new life within me. Thank You for this incredible blessing to care for a new baby, even while she is still growing in my womb. You are the giver of life, and I will share my love and thanksgiving to You with everyone You place in my path. I would not be pregnant without You giving me this ability. O, how we thank you every day for life and for calling us to You, our Lord and our Redeemer.

In Jesus name and for His glory I pray,


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3. Petition

Father God,

Thank You for hearing my prayers. Thank You for this baby growing inside of me. I humbly ask that You keep both of us safe and healthy as this new little one grows. I long to hold her and tell her all about You. I will start telling her even as she is still inside me. I’ll sing songs of You and even read Your Word to her. Please help us both to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In His name I pray,


4. For Your Marriage

Lord Jesus,

I pray You will keep my husband and me close as our baby grows. Close in our witness to others about You as Lord and Savior. Close as we deal with family members who doubt Your goodness. Close as we share how our baby was known by You even before she came to be! Keep my husband and me safe from the evils of the world and keep us healthy as we plan and prepare for our little girl.

I pray these things with all my heart in Your precious name,


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5. Encouragement


Your Word says You will never leave me or forsake me. I trust You and live every day in expectancy of that promise. It’s hard carrying this extra life. Not hard because she’s coming to join our family — hard because I feel like a stuffed goose! But You created women with all the extras we need to bring a new life into the world. I thank You for that and I ask You to help me get through this rough and uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. I know it will hurt when she is born, but I also know the pain is worth it. What is my pain compared to the pain my Lord Jesus endured on the cross? Help me to live out the gospel throughout my pregnancy and for the rest of my life.

Lord, it’s in Your precious name I pray,


6. Dedication


What an almost unspeakable privilege it is to be Yours. To know we belong to Christ and will enjoy His presence forever! Right now, even while our daughter is in my womb, I dedicate her life to You. May she know You and love You at an early age so not one moment of her life is wasted on any worldly pursuits. May she speak Your name — Jesus — as easily as she says Mama or Dada. Maybe Your name will be her first word! O, how I pray it is so, that Your name and presence fills her. May Your Holy Spirit guide her throughout her life as she seeks first Your kingdom and Your righteousness.

Lord Jesus, it’s in Your holy name I pray,


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7. First Baby-Fear

Most gracious heavenly Father,

I am afraid right now. This is my first time to be pregnant, and no matter how many books I read or people I talk to, I’m still scared. I long to trust You through all of this. Make Your presence so real to me it pushes all the fear out! I am putting on my full armor so I can rest, because I know this fear is unnecessary. I am putting on my belt of truth. Jesus is truth! Next is my helmet of salvation. I belong to Jesus because He saved me. Now comes my breastplate of righteousness, and as You protect my heart I know all the good in me is You! I wear the shoes that make me ready to share the Gospel of peace. I’ll lace them tightly this day. Lord, You’ve given me a shield of faith with which I can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the wicked one. And lastly, I pick up the sword of the Spirit, which is Your Word. Hallelujah! You have equipped me with all I need. Thank You, precious Savior, for giving me life in Your name. I choose to trust You through this pregnancy and for the rest of my life.

I joyfully pray in the name of Jesus and for His glory,


8. Unexpected Pregnancy


We sure weren’t expecting another baby, but You are sovereign and that’s what matters. We love this baby already and we pray You will bring her to us healthy and safe. We pray she will be a light to her siblings and they will accept her unconditionally as a precious sister. Keep me healthy too, I pray, that I may care for these beloved children in a most godly way.

I thank You and pray this in Jesus’ name,


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Uncomfortable pregnant woman at a hospital in labor

9. Time for Delivery

O Lord,

Thank You for seeing us through our pregnancy. She’s ready to be welcomed into the life You have created for her. Father, I pray for all the doctors, nurses, staff, and even the other patients in the hospital. I pray for a safe delivery for me and for my baby girl. I also pray for my husband who plans to be in the birthing room with me. He’s nervous, Lord. Give him peace and wonder as he beholds what only You can do. Will You intervene in all of this so You get all the glory?

I love You, Lord and I pray all this in the matchless name of Jesus Christ,


10. She’s Here!


We don’t have the words to describe our joy to behold our little girl You have given us. It’s been a long nine months, but to experience such a blessing astounds us! She’s perfect in our eyes and in our hearts, Father. We give You all praise for her life, and we dedicate her to You.

With humble and joyful hearts we pray and give You the glory,


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