Prayers for first responders for safety and protection are appreciated and needed. Have you heard the sound of sirens approaching or seen the red lights of a fire truck or ambulance flashing? We are taught to pull over to the side of the road if we are in a vehicle and see first responders on the way to help someone in need. But do we pause and say prayers for first responders for safety and protection? Maybe we say a prayer for whoever might be in distress. Those people who are first on the scene need prayers, too. First responders are involved in many areas. Departments of the Coast Guard, military, psychiatric professionals, medical caregivers, police, and more are filled with first responders. Many first responders are volunteers. The people trained to offer aid definitely need prayers. There are times when a first responder doesn’t know the exact situation they will encounter when arriving to offer help. Perhaps they have been given limited information. Whatever the situation, first responders are there to offer assistance. Prayers for first responders for safety and protection can be spoken out loud or whispered. God is listening.

What Does the Bible Say about First Responders?

The Bible shares that the peacemakers shall be blessed (Matthew 5:9 NIV). A first responder often is the first step to calm in a serious situation. Have you or someone you know needed the help of a first responder? Years ago, my husband called for an ambulance when I experienced a dangerous medical situation. When I heard the sounds of the sirens and saw the flashing lights headed for our home, my heart rate slowed, and I began to feel peace knowing that help was on the way.

First responders are often needed to help with the aftermath of vehicle crashes. These trained professionals and volunteers never know exactly what they will witness upon arriving at the scene. Their dedication to help others is truly heartwarming.

The police are called to situations involving cases of abuse, disorderly conduct, vehicle crashes, robberies, and more. The police are given information from dispatch, yet they don’t know the full extent of what has occurred until arriving at the destination.

Our family is blessed to have first responders who are ready and willing to answer a call for help. From police to the Coast Guard to the military, those family members serve with dedication and love for others.

As each first responder offers help and comfort, we have the opportunity to pray. These first responders are brave and courageous (Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV).

Praying opens the door to relationship with the Lord. He is our refuge and strength (Psalms 46:1).

10 Prayers for First Responders and Military

Our family has members who have served in the Army, Navy, Army Air Corps, and Coast Guard. Each person has a unique experience with serving. These brave family members served with confidence and strength.

Father, please place Your hedge of protection over everyone serving in the military. Amen.

God, guide Your sons and daughters in the military to make wise decisions. Amen.

Holy Father, give the men and women serving in the military peace and comfort. In the name of Your Son, Amen.

Abba, bring peace to the world. Thank You for the first responders in the military. Let us show them how much we appreciate their service and dedication. In Your Name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, protect and guide the military. Give them good health, strength, and stamina to withstand any conditions they encounter. In His Name, Amen.

Lord, I pray You will cover each person in the military with the peace only You can provide. Amen.

God, when scary times come, remind the people serving in the military that You are with them in every moment. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

Lord, when fear tries to invade, help each military member go to You for comfort. Amen.

Holy Father, help us to teach our children the importance of praying for the military. Amen.

Dear Lord, please help us to remember the sacrifices of the first responders in the military. Help us to remember to thank those who serve in the military and to thank their families, too. In His Name, Amen.

Prayers for First Responders during COVID-19

When we reach out for help, we want to be assured that someone will assist us. During this time of COVID-19, first responders have to take extra precautions when helping. These extra efforts are meant to keep the first responders healthy and, to help those in need.

Father, protect the first responders as they provide medical help to those people with COVID-19. Amen.

God, help us to follow the correct protocol when requesting help. Please provide the first responders with the equipment and safety precautions needed. Thank You, Amen.

Lord, as the first responders seek to offer aid to those with COVID-19, protect each person from this virus. Keep the first responders healthy. In Your Name, Amen.

Abba, we look to You for help. Please heal all first responders who have become infected with the virus. Amen.

Heavenly Father, this unique and scary virus has changed the world. Please give strength and stamina to the first responders so they may continue helping. Thank You, Amen.

God, as we maneuver the uncertainties of the COVID-19 virus, please give medical professionals and first responders wisdom, knowledge, and revelation. In the name of Your Son Jesus, Amen.

Lord, this COVID-19 virus is scary. Cover the first responders with Your protection and peace as they seek to help others. Amen.

Heavenly Father, please help us remember to thank the first responders for their service. Amen.

Father, give us patience with first responders and help us to remember they are concerned about this virus, too. Amen.

Prayers for Emergency Responders

Emergency responders are ready to offer assistance at any moment. Have you ever considered yourself an emergency responder? What if you are the first one to offer prayer when someone is in a dangerous situation? Have you been the first person at the scene of a vehicle crash? Were you able to call for help? 

Perhaps you have traveled on a mission trip to help an area affected by flooding. Emergency responders are found all over the world.

Lord, we lift up all emergency responders to You. Please cover them with Your love, mercy, and peace as they seek to help others. Amen.

Father, thank You for the emergency responders. Thank You that we can contact someone when help is needed. In Your Name, Amen.

God, thank You for the wisdom, discernment, and revelation You give to emergency responders. Amen.

Heavenly Father, please provide the emergency responders time for rest and renewal. Thank You for Your comfort. Amen.

Lord, help us to know that emergency responders have their own lives, too. They help us even when they are struggling in their own lives. Amen.

Abba, thank You for giving first responders knowledge and compassion so they can help others. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

God, I pray all emergency responders will find comfort in sharing time with You. Amen.

Lord, give me patience when I call for help. Remind me the emergency responders are on the way. Amen.

Father, show me ways to give thanks to the emergency responders. I want them to know how much they are appreciated. Amen.

God, please protect all emergency responders. Amen.

Prayers for the Coast Guard

Have you ever noticed the Coast Guard boats? The Coast Guard are first responders, too. Whether boating accidents, possible water incidents, illegal activity, or patrolling the waters to make sure everyone is safe, the Coast Guard is a vital part of safety.

Father, calm the waters and give those people serving in the Coast Guard safety and protection. Amen.

Lord, please equip each Coast Guard boat and vehicle with up-to-date equipment. Amen.

God, protect each person in the Coast Guard and cover them with Your love. Amen.

Abba, we ask for wisdom and discernment in every decision the Coast Guard makes. Thank You for those who serve. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Heavenly Father, remind us to thank the Coast Guard for their service and dedication. Amen.

Lord, thank You for the safety that the Coast Guard provides. Amen.

God, bless the families of those who serve in the Coast Guard. Amen.

Almighty God, show us ways to give appreciation and love to the Coast Guard. Amen.

Abba, thank You for the training and guidance the members of the Coast Guard experience in order to serve. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Lord, we lift up every member of the Coast Guard to You. Give them confidence and compassion. Amen.

Remember, prayers for first responders can be written, spoken, or whispered. Have you ever written a note of encouragement to first responders?

Blessings and prayers,

Melissa Henderson

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Melissa is the author of Licky the Lizard and Grumpy the Gator. Her passions are helping in the community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon, and Stephen Minister. 

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