Many of us have a preference for the version of the Bible we use to study. And we at BST love to provide as many versions as possible to help you as you dive into Scripture. We already have over 30... with plenty more coming.

If you've looked around our site, you'll probably notice that we don't have a way to select a "default" version of the Bible. Maybe you thought we didn't have a way to do that.

Actually, we do. In fact, you've probably set your default Bible version without even realizing in. You see, when you select NIV or ESV or KJV from the drop-down menu above the reading pane, our site keeps track for you. There are no settings to change; it's just automatic. You'll also notice that the menu keeps up with the last five versions you chose. That way, if you have a couple favorites, they'll be close at hand.

There's just one caveat to point out. This features requires that cookies be turned on in your web browser. If you're using private browsing or you've got cookies blocked, then it won't work. You'll just have to pick the version you want.

What version of the Bible do you use for study?