What books of the Bible have readers logged the most time in during 2012? The results might surprise (and encourage) you:

10. 1 Corinthians

9. Isaiah

8. Acts

7. Luke

6. Proverbs

5. Romans

4. Genesis

3. John

2. Matthew

1. Psalms

Here are a few interesting facts about the numbers:

Nearly twice as many people read the Psalms as read the second-place book, Matthew.

Mark's account was the only gospel that didn't make the top ten. It came in at number 12, after Ephesians and just ahead of Hebrews and Revelation.

Even though John's gospel included the second most-read passage of Scripture in 2012 (John 3:16), Matthew still had about 25% more readers.

The least-read book of the Bible in 2012? Ezra 1. It's a book that you certainly shouldn't neglect.