At The Fellowship, we are currently in the midst of a sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes. The question that a number of people have asked is “Why?” Here are ten of my reasons as to why I wanted us to study the book of Ecclesiastes together.

1. It shows life as it truly is. No where does the Teacher try to hide the reality that life is hard and we need hope.

2. The phrase “under the sun” reminds us of the limitations of everything we encounter

3. The section of 5:1–8 reminds us why being silent before a holy God is an amazing blessing.

4. It is a great apologetic for our time to prove that life is meant for more than what we can see.

5. Whether you are rich or poor, the book applies to your life.

6. We need the reminder that our just God overcomes our unjust world.

7. The teaching that it is good to enjoy life here on the earth.

8. Attempting to understand the deep meaning of the Hebrew word hebel (translated meaningless, futility, or vanity) is an inspiring pursuit.

9. The reminder that when God is intrinsically involved in your work life, it holds greater meaning.

10. It is in the face of life’s brutality that we discover the blessing the God has placed eternity in our hearts.

Philip Nation is the adult ministry publishing director for LifeWay Christian Resources. Find out more on his blog.