Someone asked, “Why are there politics in the church?”

Without trying to be condescending I answered simply…

Because there are people in the church.

Where people gather…things will often get political

Special interests. Personal agendas. Group platforms. Jockeying for position, power and influence.

Sounds like politics to me.

Sounds like church.

We shouldn’t be surprised when politics appear in the church. Frankly, I would be more surprised if there wasn’t and I grow a little suspicious of what is being hidden when there isn’t.

Just being honest and speaking from experience.

Remember James and John…two of Jesus’ closest disciples? (Mark 10:35-45)

Sounds somewhat political to me. Jockeying. Platforms. Agendas. Special interests.

How did Jesus reply?

Jesus knew that the desire for position was normal. He didn’t scold them. He validated their position as disciples. He also didn’t give into them. He helped them understand their greater role as servants and redirected their attention to what was more important. He used the political opportunity for a greater Kingdom purpose.

Don’t be surprised at the politics in the church. In fact, expect it. There are people involved. Don’t be led by politics. Find ways to redirect attention, refocus energies, and point people to the greater good.