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Zechariah 9:1-8

1 A prophecy, the word of ADONAI: In the land of Hadrakh and Dammesek is where [God] comes to rest, for the eyes of humankind are directed toward ADONAI, as are those of all the tribes of Isra'el,
2 also Hamat at its border, Tzor and Tzidon, for she is very wise.
3 Tzor built herself a fortified tower, heaping up silver as if it were dust and fine gold as if it were mud in the streets.
4 But Adonai will dispossess her and break her power at sea, while the city itself will be destroyed by fire.
5 On seeing this, Ashkelon will be terrified; 'Azah too will writhe in pain; likewise 'Ekron, as her hopes are dashed. "The king will vanish from 'Azah, Ashkelon will be without people,
6 and a mixed people will live in Ashdod, as I destroy the pride of the P'lishtim.
7 I will end their eating meat with its blood still in it, snatching the disgusting things from between their teeth." But the surviving remnant will belong to our God; it will be like a clan in Y'hudah; and 'Ekron will be like a Y'vusi.
8 "Then I will guard my house against armies, so that none will march through or return. No oppressor will ever again overrun them, for now I am watching with my own eyes.
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