Exodus 35:21

Exodus 35:21

And they came everyone whose heart stirred him up
Who felt an impulse upon his mind, a strong inclination in him:

and everyone whom his spirit made willing;
or was endowed with a free and liberal spirit, and was heartily willing to bear a part, and cheerfully contribute to this service; otherwise the willing mind, as well as the ability, were given them of God; see ( 1 Chronicles 29:14 ) :

and they brought the Lord's offering;
an offering to him, and such as he directed and disposed them to bring, and which was for his worship and service, and the honour of his name, and was acceptable to him:

to the work of the tabernacle of the congregation;
for the making of that, the several parts of it, and all things in it:

and for all his service;
either the service of God, or of his tabernacle, which is the same:

and for the holy garments;
that is, of Aaron and his sons.