Mark 14:60

Mark 14:60

And the high priest stood up in the midst
Of the sanhedrim, of which he was now president: he sat at the head of them, and Ab Beth Din, or the father of the council, at his right hand; and the rest of the council sat before him, in a semicircular form, as the half of a round corn floor, so that the president, and the father of the council, could see them F14; for they were all before him, he being situated in the middle, right against them; so that when he stood up, he might be said to stand in the midst of them:

and asked Jesus, saying, answerest thou nothing?
For he had made no reply to the several witnesses, that came against him:

what is it which these witness against thee?
Is it true, or false? (See Gill on Matthew 26:62).


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