Numbers 26:15

Ver. 15-18. The children of Gad, after their families tribe was
numbered next to Simeon
because it lay encamped with that under the standard of Reuben. There is a little variation in the names of two or three of his sons, from those by which they are called ( Genesis 46:16 ) , instead of Ziphion, here Zephon; and for Haggai, here Haggi; and what is much wider, for Ezbon, here Ozni. Seven families sprang from Gad, whose number now was 40,500; they were diminished since their last numbering 5150; it is probable this tribe, being a warlike tribe, suffered very much in their attempt to enter the land of Canaan contrary to the will of God, and were repulsed and defeated by the Amalekites, ( Numbers 16:40-45 ) .