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Hebrews 5

SUMMARY.--The Office of a High Priest. High Priests Chosen of God. Christ a Priest of the Order of Melchizedec. He Learned Obedience Through Suffering. The Need of Learning the Deeper Truths of the Gospel.

      7-10. Who in the days of his flesh. Christ, while on earth, is referred to. When he had offered up prayers, etc. A particular time when these earnest supplications were offered is pointed out. The agony of Gethsemane is meant. It was then that he said, "If it is possible, let this cup pass from me." Even there he was heard. For an angel descended to strengthen him. Feared. Reverenced the Father in humble submission. A pious fear is meant. 8. He learned obedience. He claimed no special exemptions because he was the Son, but learned and taught obedience in the supremest test that the world ever saw. He learned obedience experimentally. 9. Being made perfect. Fitted in all points to be our high priest by his suffering; made, not a perfect man, for he was that already, but a perfect high priest. He became the author. Was able to offer the gospel to all nations, and thus to save all them that obey him. He does not save men in disobedience. 10. Called of God an high priest. When he had suffered he was called of God an high priest, or entered upon his priesthood. Order of Melchisedec. See notes on verse 6 and chapter 7:1-10.

      11-14. Of whom we have many things to say. Of Christ in his priesthood. Hard to be uttered. Hard to be expressed so that you will understand. The priesthood of Christ, after the order of Melchizedek, opens up some difficult questions. Seeing ye are dull of hearing. Of slow understanding. 12. When ye ought to be teachers. You have been disciples long enough to be able to teach others, but still need some one to teach you first principles. See notes on Heb. 6:1, 2. Oracles of God. God's word. 13. Every one that useth milk, etc. Those who only understand the A B C's of Christianity are only babes in Christ, like the babes whose food is milk. Such an one cannot handle the word of righteousness skillfully. 14. Strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age. When one has reached manhood we do not expect him to live on the food of babes. So a church member, as time goes on, ought to feed on strong meat, the higher teaching of religion. There should be growth in knowledge. Their senses exercised. The reference here is to the faculties of the soul. A Christian ought to study, to gain a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures and especially of the New Testament, to become able to teach others, and to explain the higher principles of our religion. In addition he ought to be able to discern the moral character of the environments of life, to know not only what to accept and what to reject, but how to warn his less instructed brethren.

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