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Hebrews 6

SUMMARY.--Leaving First Principles. First Principles Explained. Going On to Perfection. The Fatal Consequences of Apostasy. Exhortation to Diligence. The Absolute Assurance of God's Promises.

      7, 8. For the earth, etc. These two verses show that treatment depends on what kind of fruit is borne. God sends sunshine and rain on the earth. If it brings forth food for man, it is blessed. But if it brings forth thorns and briers, they are rejected. So God, who blesses our lives, and refreshes them with the Gospel, demands righteous fruit. If they bear thorns, the end is destruction.

      9-12. We are persuaded better things of. That you will not bear thorns and briers. 10. For God is not unrighteous to. Though the Hebrew Christians had not advanced in knowledge ( 5:12 ), yet they had shown the fruits of the love of Christ in ministering to the saints. 11. Show the same diligence. Not only continue your work of love, but show equal diligence in attaining the full assurance of hope, by going on to perfection in knowledge. 12. That ye be . . . followers of them. Of the glorious heroes of the faith, like Abraham and Moses, and the martyrs, like Stephen and James. Faith and patience. These qualities, essential to steadfastness, must be found in those who "inherit the promises."

      13-20. For when God made promise. The promises are absolutely sure. See how God confirmed his promise to Abraham! See Gen. 22:15-18 . 14. Saying, Surely blessing. The promise so confirmed to Abraham is given in these words. 15. He obtained the promise. It was sure, but he had to patiently endure in order to obtain. The history of Abraham shows how he was blessed. 16. For men verily swear by the greater. When men make a solemn oath in order to settle a fact or covenant beyond controversy they usually swear in the name of God. God, however, could swear by no one greater than himself. 17. God willing, etc. God, out of condescension to that human weakness which puts more confidence in an oath than in the bare word, confirmed his promise by an oath. 18. That by two immutable things. By his word of promise, and by his oath, neither of which could ever be broken. Strong consolation. In the absolute certainty of God's promises who have fled for refuge. Fled from the wrath revealed against sin to the Gospel with its promises and blessed hopes. 19. Which hope . . . an anchor of the soul. As an anchor holds the ship when the storms are raging, so this hope holds the soul stedfast. Entereth into that within the vail. The vail was before the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle, but it was a type of heaven. Hence this means that the hope reaches to heaven. It is a heavenly hope. 20. Whither the forerunner. As the High Priest entered within the veil into the Holy of Holies, so our High Priest has entered for us, and before us, into the heavens. A High Priest forever, etc. See notes on chapter 7:1-10.

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