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John 13

SUMMARY.--The Passover Meal. The Lord Washes the Disciples' Feet. The Traitor Pointed Out. The Departure of Judas. The Discourse to the Disciples. Peter Warned.

      15. For I have given you an example. Christ gave an example, not a church ordinance. It is our duty to follow the example and render the same kind of service to fellow Christians. To make his example a ceremonial and follow it literally would be to lose its spirit. Note the fact that not once else where is it referred to in the New Testament as a church ordinance, and only once mentioned at all. In 1 Tim. 5:10 , it is named as a mark of a godly widow. Nor is there any mention of it as a church ordinance until the fourth century. The lesson is that he who would be greatest must be always ready to serve others in a spirit of humility and self-sacrifice.

      17. If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them. Know what things? Of course they knew that Christ had washed their feet. But did they know what he meant? The meaning is clearly, "If ye understand the meaning of my act, happy are ye if ye exemplify the same spirit in your lives."

      18. I speak not of you all. One is a traitor. He is not included in the beatitude just pronounced in the 17th verse .

      19. I tell you before it come . . . to pass. That he is about to be betrayed.

      21-28. Troubled in spirit. Because a traitor was present among the apostles. For the exposure of Judas, see notes on Matt. 26:21-25. Compare Mark 14:18-21 . There was leaning on Jesus' bosom. It was the custom to recline on a couch, leaning on the left elbow, at table. John, who was immediately before Jesus, would be almost at his bosom. Whom Jesus loved. It was John's joy that Jesus loved him. The disciples did not know who would be the traitor. At Peter's request, John, in a low tone, asked Jesus. He gave a sign, and when John saw him dip a piece of bread into the sop of bitter herbs, always on the passover table, and give it to Judas, he knew he was meant. Satan entered into him. He gave himself up at once to Satan's purpose. That thou doest, do quickly. Judas understood what these words meant, but no one else.

      30. Went immediately out. It is probable that the Lord's Supper was instituted, at this point, after Judas went out. It was, as we learn from Matthew, after the passover. Matthew's order (see Matt., chap. 26 ) is as follows: (1) The Passover; (2) the Exposure of Judas; (3) the Lord's Supper. This is John's order, save that he omits, because well known, to record the origin of the Lord's Supper here, and simply tells of the departure of Judas.

      31. Now is the Son of man glorified. His weary ministry is about ended, and he is to ascend his throne. His glorification begins at the cross.

      34. A new commandment. The commandment to love was not new, but such love as Christ commanded was new.

      35. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples. The love and self sacrifice of Christians has done more to extend the name of Christ than argument. In the early ages, heathen were wont to say: "See how these Christians love one another."

      36-38. Simon Peter said. For notes on Peter's Denial, see Matt. 26:31-35. Compare Mark 14:29-31 Luke 22:31-34 .

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