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John 14

SUMMARY.--Belief as a Solace of Troubled Hearts. The House of Many Mansions. Christ the Way. Christ the Manifestation of the Father. Asking in Christ's Name. How to Find the Father. The Test of Love. The Benediction of Peace.

      15. If ye love me, keep my commandments. Keeping the commandments will be the result if we love him. The Revision gives the true idea. Obedience is the fruit of love.

      16. I will pray the Father. Rather, "request." The Greek word is not the one used when we are bidden to pray. The creature prays; the Son requests. He shall give you another Comforter. The Holy Spirit; the Helper. The latter word more nearly expresses the idea of the Greek term than the word "Comforter." Abide with you for ever. The Lord had been with them over three years, but is about to depart. Henceforth he will abide with them, not in person, but by the Holy Spirit that he shall send. Through this agency he will be with his people "always."

      17. The Spirit of truth. So called, because he leads into all truth, and speaks the truth. See John 17:19 John 17:1 Co 2:4 Co 2:1 1 Thess. 1:5 . He also bears witness of the truth. See Acts 2:4 Acts 5:32 5:32 . Whom the world cannot receive. Because he only dwells in a heart prepared for him by faith and obedience. "God gives the Holy Spirit to them who obey him" ( Acts 5:32 ). See also John 7:38 .

      18, 19. I will not leave you comfortless. They shall not be left desolate by his departure, because "he will come again" to be with them always, in the Spirit. He will be a living Savior, and they will have his life.

      20. At that day ye shall know. "That day" began on Pentecost. There was no more doubting after the Holy Spirit was sent. "That day" still comes to every soul that wholly surrenders to the will of Christ ( 7:17 ).

      21-23. He that hath my commandments, etc. The conditions on which Christ will be present in each soul, seen, and enjoyed, are here given: (1) One must love Christ; (2) so love him that he will obey from the heart his commandments; (3) this loving, obedient soul will be loved of the Father; (4) Christ will love him; (5) both the Father and the Son will manifest themselves to him; (6) this manifestation is by their coming and abiding in him through the Helper.

      26. The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost. More correctly, Holy Spirit. He shall teach you all things. A special promise to the apostles, which fitted them to preach the Gospel authoritatively and leave behind them the records of the New Testament.

      27. Peace I leave with you. A parting benediction. That night he was to be seized and taken from them.

      28. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice. A gentle rebuke. Their desire that he should not go away was due, in part at least, to selfish motives.

      30. The prince of this world cometh. The worldly powers of which Satan is prince.

      31. That the world may know that I love the Father. His obedience in the hour of trial demonstrated that he so loved the Father that he sought not his own, but the Father's will.

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