3.2.15. Dragon

We are told that the dragon is, “that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world” (Rev. Rev. 12:9+). The dragon is said to have seven heads and ten horns [#15-#4] [#15-#22] (Rev. Rev. 12:3+). The heads of the dragon are said to wear diadems (Rev. Rev. 12:3+), a further indication that the heads represent kings (Rev. Rev. 17:9-10+). The Beast , who also has seven heads and ten horns (Rev. Rev. 13:1+; Rev. Rev. 17:3+, Rev. 17:7+), is closely identified with the dragon. This reflects the dragon’s empowerment of the Beast [#15-#16] (Rev. Rev. 13:2-4+). This empowerment is likely related to the healing of the fatal wound resulting in the Beast’s rise from the Abyss to be marveled at by the world (Rev. Rev. 13:3+; Rev. 17:8+). See Supernatural Origin?. See commentary on Revelation 20:4. See Symbols of Kingdoms.