1 John 2:2

And he (kai auto). He himself in his own person, both priest and sacrifice ( Hebrews 9:14 ). The propitiation (ilasmo). Late substantive from ilaskomai ( Luke 18:13 ; Hebrews 2:17 ), in LXX, Philo, Plutarch, in N.T. only here and 1 John 4:10 . Christ himself is the means of propitiation for (peri concerning) our sins. See ilasthrion in Romans 3:15 . For the whole world (peri olou tou kosmou). It is possible to supply the ellipsis here of twn amartiwn (the sins of) as we have it in Hebrews 7:27 , but a simpler way is just to regard "the whole world" as a mass of sin ( Hebrews 5:19 ). At any rate, the propitiation by Christ provides for salvation for all ( Hebrews 2:9 ) if they will only be reconciled with God ( 2 Corinthians 5:19-21 ).