1 Timothy 1:6

Having swerved (astochsante). First aorist active participle of astocew, compound Koin verb (Polybius, Plutarch) from astoco (a privative and stoco, a mark), "having missed the mark." In N.T. only here, Romans 6:21 ; 2 Timothy 2:18 . With the ablative case wn (which). Have turned aside (exetraphsan). Second aorist passive indicative of ektrepw, old and common verb, to turn or twist out or aside. In medical sense in Hebrews 12:13 . As metaphor in 1 Timothy 1:6 ; 1 Timothy 6:20 ; 2 Timothy 4:4 . Vain talking (mataiologian). Late word from mataiologo, only here in N.T., in the literary Koin.