1 Timothy 4:13

Till I come (ew ercomai). "While I am coming" (present indicative with ew), not "till I come" (ew elqw). Give heed (prosece). Present active imperative, supply ton noun, "keep on putting thy mind on." The reading (th anagnwsei). Old word from anaginwskw. See 2 Corinthians 3:14 . Probably in particular the public reading of the Scriptures ( Acts 13:15 ), though surely private reading is not to be excluded. To exhortation (th paraklhsei), to teaching (th didaskaliai). Two other public functions of the minister. Probably Paul does not mean for the exhortation to precede the instruction, but the reverse in actual public work. Exhortation needs teaching to rest it upon, a hint for preachers today.