2 Corinthians 11:25

Thrice was I beaten with rods (tri errabdisqhn). Roman (Gentile) punishment. It was forbidden to Roman citizens by the Lex Porcia, but Paul endured it in Philippi ( Acts 16:23 Acts 16:37 ), the only one of the three named in Acts. First aorist passive of rabdizw, from rabdo, rod, Koin word, in N.T. only here and Acts 16:22 which see. Once was I stoned (apax eliqasqhn). Once for all apax means. At Lystra ( Acts 14:5-19 ). On liqazw Koin verb from liqo, see on "Ac 5:26". Thrice I suffered shipwreck (tri enauaghsa). First aorist active of nauagew, from nauago, shipwrecked (nau, ship, agnumi, to break). Old and common verb, in N.T. only here and 1 Timothy 1:19 . We know nothing of these. The one told in Acts 27:1 ff. was much later. What a pity that we have no data for all these varied experiences of Paul. Night and day (nucqhmeron) Rare word. Papyri give nukthmar with the same idea (night-day). Have I been in the deep (en twi buqwi pepoihka). Vivid dramatic perfect active indicative of poiew, "I have done a night and day in the deep." The memory of it survives like a nightmare. Buqo is old word (only here in N.T.) for bottom, depth of the sea, then the sea itself. Paul does not mean that he was a night and day under the water, not a Jonah experience, only that he was far out at sea and shipwrecked. This was one of the three shipwrecks-already named.