2 Corinthians 11:26

In journeyings (odoiporiai). Locative case of old word, only here in N.T. and John 4:6 , from odoiporo, wayfarer. In perils (kindunoi). Locative case of kinduno, old word for danger or peril. In N.T. only this verse and Romans 8:35 . The repetition here is very effective without the preposition en (in) and without conjunctions (asyndeton). They are in contrasted pairs. The rivers of Asia Minor are still subject to sudden swellings from floods in the mountains. Cicero and Pompey won fame fighting the Cilician pirates and robbers (note lhstwn, not kleptwn, thieves, brigands or bandits on which see Matthew 26:55 ). The Jewish perils (ek genou, from my race) can be illustrated in Acts 9:23 Acts 9:29 ; Acts 13:50 ; Acts 14:5 ; Acts 17:5 Acts 17:13 ; Acts 18:12 ; Acts 23:12 ; Acts 24:27 , and they were all perils in the city also. Perils from the Gentiles (ex eqnwn) we know in Philippi ( Acts 16:20 ) and in Ephesus ( Acts 19:23 ). Travel in the mountains and in the wilderness was perilous in spite of the great Roman highways. Among false brethren (en pseudadelpoi). Chapters 2Co 10; 11 throw a lurid light on this aspect of the subject.