2 Corinthians 11:32

The governor under Aretas (o eqnarch Hareta). How it came to pass that Damascus, ruled by the Romans after B.C. 65, came at this time to be under the rule of Aretas, fourth of the name, King of the Nabatheans (II Macc. 5:8), we do not know. There is an absence of Roman coins in Damascus from A.D. 34 to 62. It is suggested (Plummer) that Caligula, to mark his dislike for Antipas, gave Damascus to Aretas (enemy of Antipas). Guarded (eprourei). Imperfect active of prourew, old verb (from prouro, a guard) to guard by posting sentries. In Acts 9:24 we read that the Jews kept watch to seize Paul, but there is no conflict as they cooperated with the guard set by Aretas at their request. To seize (piasai). Doric first aorist active infinitive of piezw ( Luke 6:38 ) for which see on "Ac 3:7".