Acts 17:13

Was proclaimed (kathggelh). Second aorist passive indicative of kataggellw, common late verb as in Acts 16:21 . Of Paul (upo Paulou). By Paul, of course. Stirring up and troubling the multitudes (saleuonte kai tarassonte tou oclou). Shaking the crowds like an earthquake ( Acts 4:31 ) and disturbing like a tornado ( Acts 17:8 ). Success at Thessalonica gave the rabbis confidence and courage. The attack was sharp and swift. The Jews from Antioch in Pisidia had likewise pursued Paul to Iconium and Lystra. How long Paul had been in Beroea Luke does not say. But a church was established here which gave a good account of itself later and sent a messenger ( Acts 20:4 ) with their part of the collection to Jerusalem. This quiet and noble town was in a whirl of excitement over the attacks of the Jewish emissaries from Thessalonica who probably made the same charge of treason against Paul and Silas.