Colossians 1:10

To walk worthily of the Lord (peripathsai axiw tou Kuriou). This aorist active infinitive may express purpose or result. Certainly this result is the aim of the right knowledge of God. "The end of all knowledge is conduct" (Lightfoot). See 1 Thessalonians 2:12 ; Philippians 1:27 ; Ephesians 4:1 for a like use of axiw (adverb) with the genitive. In the knowledge of God (th epignwsei tou qeou). Instrumental case, "by means of the full knowledge of God." This is the way for fruit-bearing and growth to come. Note both participles (karpoporounte kai auxanomenoi) together as in verse Ephesians 6 . Unto all pleasing (ei pasan areskian). In order to please God in all things ( 1 Thessalonians 4:1 ). Areskia is late word from areskeuw, to be complaisant (Polybius, Plutarch) and usually in bad sense (obsequiousness). Only here in N.T., but in good sense. It occurs in the good sense in the papyri and inscriptions.