Ephesians 3:3

By revelation (kata apokalupsin). Not essentially different from di apokalupsew ( Galatians 1:12 ). This was Paul's qualification for preaching "the mystery" (to musthrion. See Galatians 1:9 ). As I wrote afore (kaqw proegrapsa). First aorist active indicative of prograpw as in Romans 15:4 , not picture forth as Galatians 3:1 . But when and where? Epistolary aorist for this Epistle? That is possible. A previous and lost Epistle as in 1 Corinthians 5:9 ? That also is abstractly possible. To the preceding discussion of the Gentiles? Possible and also probable. In few words (en oligwi). Not = pro oligou, shortly before, but as in Acts 26:28 "in brief space or time" = suntonw ( Acts 24:4 ), "briefly."