Hebrews 12:20

For they could not endure (ouk eperon gar). Imperfect active of perw, "for they were not enduring (bearing)." That which was enjoined (to diastellomenon). Present passive articular participle of diastellw, old verb to distinguish, to dispose, to order. The quotation is from Exodus 19:12 . The people appealed to Moses ( Exodus 20:19 ) and the leaders did so also ( Deuteronomy 5:23 ), both in terror. If even (kan). "Even if." Condition of third class with second aorist active subjunctive of qigganw as in Deuteronomy 11:28 , followed by genitive orou (mountain). It shall be stoned (liqobolhqhsetai). From Exodus 19:13 . Late compound verb from liqobolo (from liqo, ballw) as in Matthew 21:35 .