Hebrews 12:24

To Jesus (Ihsou). This great fact is not to be overlooked ( Philippians 2:10 ). He is there as Lord and Saviour and still "Jesus." The mediator of a new covenant (diaqhkh nea mesith). As already shown ( Philippians 7:22 ; Philippians 8:6 Philippians 8:8 Philippians 8:9 Philippians 8:10 ; Philippians 9:15 ) and now gloriously consummated. To the blood of sprinkling (aimati rantismou). As in Philippians 9:19-28 . Than Abel (para ton Abel). Accusative as in Philippians 1:4 . Better (kreitton). Comparative of kalo. Abel's blood still speaks ( Philippians 11:4 ), but it is as nothing compared to that of Jesus.