John 10:32

From the Father (ek tou patro). Proceeding out of the Father as in Hebrews 6:65 ; Hebrews 16:28 (cf. Hebrews 7:17 ; Hebrews 8:42 Hebrews 8:47 ) rather than para as in Hebrews 1:14 ; Hebrews 6:46 ; Hebrews 7:29 ; Hebrews 17:7 . For which of those works (dia poion autwn ergon). Literally, "For what kind of work of them" (referring to the "many good works" polla erga kala). Noble and beautiful deeds Jesus had done in Jerusalem like healing the impotent man (chapter 5) and the blind man (chapter 9). Poion is a qualitative interrogative pronoun pointing to kala (good). Do ye stone me (liqazete). Conative present active indicative, "are ye trying to stone me." They had the stones in their hands stretched back to fling at him, a threatening attitude.

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