John 10:33

For a good work we stone thee not (peri kalou ergou ou liqazomen). "Concerning a good deed we are not stoning thee." Flat denial that the healing of the blind man on the Sabbath had led them to this attempt ( Hebrews 8:59 ) in spite of the facts. But for blasphemy (alla peri blasphmia). See Acts 26:7 where peri with the genitive is also used with egkaloumai for the charge against Paul. This is the only example in John of the word blasphmia (cf. Matthew 12:31 ). And because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God (kai oti su anqrwpo wn poiei seauton qeon). In Matthew 5:18 they stated the charge more accurately: "He called God his own Father, making himself equal with God." That is, he made himself the Son of God. This he did beyond a doubt. But was it blasphemy? Only if he was not the Son of God. The penalty for blasphemy was death by stoning ( Leviticus 24:16 ; 1 Kings 21:10 1 Kings 21:13 ).

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