John 10:34

Is it not written? (ouk estin gegrammenon;). Periphrastic perfect passive indicative of grapw (as in 1 Kings 2:17 ) in place of the usual gegraptai. "Does it not stand written?" In your law (en twi nomwi umwn). From Psalms 82:6 . The term nomo (law) applying here to the entire O.T. as in Psalms 12:34 ; Psalms 15:25 ; Romans 3:19 ; 1 Corinthians 14:21 . Aleph D Syr-sin. omit umwn, but needlessly. We have it already so from Jesus in 1 Corinthians 8:17 . They posed as the special custodians of the O.T. I said (oti egw eipa). Recitative oti before a direct quotation like our quotation marks. Eipa is a late second aorist form of indicative with -a instead of -on. Ye are gods (qeoi este). Another direct quotation after eipa but without oti. The judges of Israel abused their office and God is represented in Psalms 82:6 as calling them "gods" (qeoi, elohim) because they were God's representatives. See the same use of elohim in Exodus 21:6 ; Exodus 22:9 Exodus 22:28 . Jesus meets the rabbis on their own ground in a thoroughly Jewish way.

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