John 13:19

From henceforth (ap arti). "From now on," as in Matthew 14:7 ; Matthew 23:39 ; Revelation 14:13 . Before it come to pass (pro tou genesqai). Pro with ablative of the articular second aorist middle infinitive ginomai (before the coming to pass). When it is come to pass (otan genhtai). Indefinite relative clause with otan and the second aorist middle subjunctive of ginomai, "whenever it does come to pass." That ye may believe (ina pisteuhte). Purpose clause with ina and present active subjunctive of pisteuw, "that ye may keep on believing." Cf. Isaiah 48:5 . That I am he (oti egw eimi). As Jesus has repeatedly claimed to be the Messiah ( Jo 8:24 Jo 8:58 , etc.). Cf. also 14:29 (pisteushte here); 16:4 .

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