John 13:38

Wilt thou lay down? (qhsei;). Jesus picks up Peter's very words and challenges his boasted loyalty. See such repetition in 1 John 16:16 1 John 16:31 ; 1 John 21:17 . Shall not crow (pwnhsh). Aorist active subjunctive of pwnew, to use the voice, used of animals and men. Note strong double negative ou mh. Mark adds di (twice). John's report is almost identical with that in Luke 22:34 . The other disciples joined in Peter's boast ( Mark 14:31 ; Matthew 26:35 ). Till thou hast denied (ew ou arnhsh). Future middle indicative or aorist middle subjunctive second person singular (form identical) with compound conjunction ew ou (until which time), "till thou deny or deniest" (futurum exactum needless). Peter is silenced for the present. They all "sat astounded and perplexed" (Dods).