John 14:1

Let not your heart be troubled (mh tarassesqw umwn h kardia). Not here the physical organ of life ( Luke 21:34 ), but the seat of spiritual life (pneuma, psuch), the centre of feeling and faith ( Romans 10:10 ), "the focus of the religious life" (Vincent) as in Matthew 22:37 . See these words repeated in Matthew 14:27 . Jesus knew what it was to have a "troubled" heart ( Matthew 11:33 ; Matthew 13:31 ) where tarassw is used of him. Plainly the hearts of the disciples were tossed like waves in the wind by the words of Jesus in Matthew 13:38 . Ye believe ... believe also (pisteuete ... kai pisteuete). So translated as present active indicative plural second person and present active imperative of pisteuw. The form is the same. Both may be indicative (ye believe ... and ye believe), both may be imperative (believe ... and believe or believe also), the first may be indicative (ye believe) and the second imperative (believe also), the first may be imperative (keep on believing) and the second indicative (and ye do believe, this less likely). Probably both are imperatives ( Mark 11:22 ), "keep on believing in God and in me."

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