John 19:31

The Preparation (paraskeuh). Friday. See verse Luke 14 . Might not remain (mh meinh). Negative final clause with ina mh and first aorist active (constative) subjunctive of menw. A high day (megalh). A "great" day, since "the sabbath day following synchronized with the first day of unleavened bread which was a 'great' day" (Bernard). A double reason therefore for wanting the bodies removed before sunset when the Sabbath began. That their legs might be broken (ina kateagwsin auton ta skelh). Purpose clause with ina and the second aorist passive subjunctive of katagnumi with the augment retained in the subjunctive, a "false augment" common in later Greek as in the future in Matthew 12:20 with this verb (Robertson, Grammar, p. 365). This crurifragium was done with a heavy mallet and ended the sufferings of the victim. Legs (skelh). Old word, here only in N.T. Might be taken away (arqwsin). First aorist passive subjunctive of airw with ina also.

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