Luke 15:16

He would fain have been filled (epequmei cortasqhnai). Literally, he was desiring (longing) to be filled. Imperfect indicative and first aorist passive infinitive. Cortasqhnai is from cortazw and that from corto (grass), and so to feed with grass or with anything. Westcott and Hort put gemisai thn koilian autou in the margin (the Textus Receptus). With the husks (ek twn keratiwn). The word occurs here alone in the N.T. and is a diminutive of kera (horn) and so means little horn. It is used in various senses, but here refers to the pods of the carob tree or locust tree still common in Palestine and around the Mediterannean, so called from the shape of the pods like little horns, Bockshornbaum in German or goat's-horn tree. The gelatinous substance inside has a sweetish taste and is used for feeding swine and even for food by the lower classes. It is sometimes called Saint John's Bread from the notion that the Baptist ate it in the wilderness. No man gave unto him (oudei edidou autwi). Imperfect active. Continued refusal of anyone to allow him even the food of the hogs.

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