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Luke 15:17

But when he came to himself (ei eauton de elqwn). As if he had been far from himself as he was from home. As a matter of fact he had been away, out of his head, and now began to see things as they really were. Plato is quoted by Ackerman (Christian Element in Plato) as thinking of redemption as coming to oneself. Hired servants (misqioi). A late word from misqo (hire). In the N.T. only in this chapter. The use of "many" here suggests a wealthy and luxurious home. Have bread enough and to spare (perisseuontai artwn). Old verb from perisso and that from peri (around). Present passive here, "are surrounded by loaves" like a flood. I perish (egw de limwi wde apollumai). Every word here counts: While I on the other hand am here perishing with hunger. It is the linear present middle of apollumi. Note egw expressed and de of contrast.

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