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Luke 8:26

They arrived (katepleusan). First aorist active indicative of kataplew, common verb, but here only in the N.T. Literally, they sailed down from the sea to the land, the opposite of launched forth (anhcqhsan) of verse Luke 22 . So we today use like nautical terms, to bear up, to bear down. The Gerasenes (ton Gerashnwn). This is the correct text here as in Mark 5:1 while Gadarenes is correct in Matthew 8:28 . See there for explanation of this famous discrepancy, now cleared up by Thomson's discovery of Khersa (Gersa) on the steep eastern bank and in the vicinity of Gadara. Over against Galilee (antipera th Galilaia). Only here in the N.T. The later Greek form is antiperan (Polybius, etc.). Some MSS. here have peran like Mark 5:1 ; Matthew 8:28 .

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