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Mark 12:24

Is it not for this cause that ye err? (Ou dia touto planasqe;). Mark puts it as a question with ou expecting the affirmative answer. Matthew puts it as a positive assertion: "Ye are." Planaomai is to wander astray (cf. our word planet, wandering stars, astere planhtai, Jude 1:13 ) like the Latin errare (our error, err). That ye know not the scriptures (mh eidote ta grapa). The Sadducees posed as men of superior intelligence and knowledge in opposition to the traditionalists among the Pharisees with their oral law. And yet on this very point they were ignorant of the Scriptures. How much error today is due to this same ignorance among the educated! Nor the power of God (mhde thn dunamin tou qeou). The two kinds of ignorance generally go together (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:34 ).

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