Mark 12:25

When they shall rise from the dead (otan ek nekrwn anastwsin). Second aorist active subjunctive with otan (ote plus an). Matthew 22:30 has it "in the resurrection," Luke 20:35 "to attain to the resurrection." The Pharisees regarded the future resurrection body as performing marriage functions, as Mohammedans do today. The Pharisees were in error on this point. The Sadducees made this one of their objections to belief in the resurrection body, revealing thus their own ignorance of the true resurrection body and the future life where marriage functions do not exist. As angels in heaven (w aggeloi en twi ouranwi). So Matthew 22:30 . Luke 20:36 has "equal unto the angels" (isaggeloi). "Their equality with angels consists in their deliverance from mortality and its consequences" (Swete). The angels are directly created, not procreated.

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