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Mark 15:2

Art thou the King of the Jews? (Su ei o basileu twn Ioudaiwn;). This is the only one of the charges made by the Sanhedrin to Pilate ( Luke 23:2 ) that he notices. He does not believe this one to be true, but he has to pay attention to it or be liable to charges himself of passing over a man accused of rivalry and revolution against Caesar. John 18:28-32 gives the interview with Jesus that convinces Pilate that he is a harmless religious fanatic. See on Matthew 26:11 . Thou sayest (su legei). An affirmation, though in John 18:34-37 there is a second and fuller interview between Pilate and Jesus. "Here, as in the trial before the Sanhedrin, this is the one question that Jesus answers. It is the only question on which his own testimony is important and necessary" (Gould). The Jews were out on the pavement or sidewalk outside the palace while Pilate came out to them from above on the balcony ( John 18:28 ) and had his interviews with Jesus on the inside, calling Jesus thither ( John 18:33 ).

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