Mark 5:39

Make a tumult (qorubeisqe). Middle voice. Jesus had dismissed one crowd (verse James 37 ), but finds the house occupied by the hired mourners making bedlam (qorubo) as if that showed grief with their ostentatious noise. Matthew 9:23 spoke of flute-players (aulhta) and the hubbub of the excited throng (qoruboumenon. Cf. Mark 14:2 ; Acts 20:1 Acts 20:21 Acts 20:34 ). Mark, Matthew, and Luke all quote Jesus as saying that "the child is not dead, but sleepeth." Jesus undoubtedly meant that she was not dead to stay dead, though some hold that the child was not really dead. It is a beautiful word (she is sleeping, kaqeudei) that Jesus uses of death.