Mark 5:40

And they laughed him to scorn (kai kategelwn). "They jeered at him" (Weymouth). Note imperfect tense. They kept it up. And note also kat- (perfective use). Exactly the same words in Matthew 9:24 and Luke 8:53 . The loud laughter was ill suited to the solemn occasion. But Jesus on his part (auto de) took charge of the situation. Taketh the father of the child and her mother and them that were with him (paralambanei ton patera tou paidiou kai thn mhtera kai tou met autou). Having put out (ekbalwn) the rest by a stern assertion of authority as if he were master of the house, Jesus takes along with him these five and enters the chamber of death "where the child was" (opou hn to paidion). He had to use pressure to make the hired mourners leave. The presence of some people will ruin the atmosphere for spiritual work.