Mark 6:21

When a convenient day was come (genomenh hmera eukairou). Genitive absolute. A day well appointed eu, well, kairo, time) for the purpose, the day for which she had long waited. She had her plans all laid to spring a trap for her husband Herod Antipas and to make him do her will with the Baptist. Herod was not to know that he was the mere catspaw of Herodias till it was all over. See on "Mt 14:6" for discussion of Herod's birthday (genesioi, locative case or associative instrumental of time). Made a supper (deipnon epoihsen). Banquet. To his lords (toi megistasin autou). From megistan (that from mega, great), common in the LXX and later Greek. Cf. Revelation 6:15 ; Revelation 18:23 . In the papyri. The grandees, magnates, nobles, the chief men of civil life. The high captains (toi ciliarcoi). Military tribunes, commanders of a thousand men. The chief men of Galilee (toi prwtoi th Galilaia). The first men of social importance and prominence. A notable gathering that included these three groups at the banquet on Herod's birthday.