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Mark 6:22

The daughter of Herodias herself (th qugatro auth Hhrwidiado). Genitive absolute again. Some ancient manuscripts read autou (his, referring to Herod Antipas. So Westcott and Hort) instead of auth (herself). In that case the daughter of Herodias would also have the name Herodias as well as Salome, the name commonly given her. That is quite possible in itself. It was toward the close of the banquet, when all had partaken freely of the wine, that Herodias made her daughter come in and dance (eiselqoush kai orchsamenh) in the midst (Matthew). "Such dancing was an almost unprecedented thing for women of rank, or even respectability. It was mimetic and licentious, and performed by professionals" (Gould). Herodias stooped thus low to degrade her own daughter like a common etaira in order to carry out her set purpose against John. She pleased Herod and them that sat at meat (hresen Hhrwidh kai toi sunanakeimenoi). The maudlin group lounging on the divans were thrilled by the licentious dance of the half-naked princess. Whatsoever thou wilt (o ean qelh) The drunken Tetrarch had been caught in the net of Herodias. It was a public promise.

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