Revelation 2:18

In Thyatira (en Tuateiroi). Some forty miles south-east of Pergamum, a Lydian city on the edge of Mysia, under Rome since B.C. 190, a centre of trade, especially for the royal purple, home of Lydia of Philippi ( Acts 16:14 ), shown by inscriptions to be full of trade guilds, Apollo the chief deity with no emperor-worship, centre of activity by the Nicolaitans with their idolatry and licentiousness under a "prophetess" who defied the church there. Ramsay calls it "Weakness Made Strong" (op. cit., p. 316). The Son of God (o uio tou qeou). Here Jesus is represented as calling himself by this title as in John 11:4 and as he affirms on oath in Matthew 26:63 . "The Word of God" occurs in Revelation 19:13 . His eyes like a flame of fire (tou opqalmou autou w ploga puro). As in Revelation 1:14 . His feet like burnished brass (oi pode autou omoioi calkolibanwi). As in Revelation 1:15 .