II. Taking God’s Love Seriously (Malachi 1:2-5)

1:2-3 The Lord’s message through Malachi begins with I have loved you (1:2). Now that’s good news. But, things go downhill from there. To it, the people respond, How have you loved us? (1:2). In other words, “We hear what you’re saying, God, but we’re not seeing what you’re talking about.” In light of their day-to-day experiences, it didn’t look like God loved them. So, to their question God replies by reminding them of Isaac’s sons, Esau and Jacob: I loved Jacob, but I hated Esau. These two brothers gave birth to two nations (see Gen 25:23), Israel descending from Jacob and Edom descending from Esau.

1:4-5 Esau was rejected because he rejected his birthright (see Gen 25:27-34). Similarly, the wickedness and violence of the nation of Edom was well-known (e.g., 2 Chr 20:1-2; Joel 3:19; Obad 1-4). The Lord’s response was to make Edom “a wasteland” (Mal 1:3). Though the wicked Edomites vowed to rebuild, the Lord would demolish them, knocking them back down should they try to get up.

And how does God love Israel? Though they (like Edom) sinned and rebelled against him, God still had mercy on them. Though he cursed Edom (1:4), the Lord continued to pursue, love, and forgive Israel. Though he sent his people into exile, he brought them back. Israel, though, had forgotten the Lord’s love and mercy.

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