III. The Shake-up Call (Haggai 2:1-9)


III. The Shake-up Call (2:1-9)

2:1-4 Haggai addressed the people’s comparison of the house of God they were constructing with Solomon’s temple. His series of questions acknowledges their disappointment (2:3). Nevertheless, he called them to be strong and to proceed with the work of rebuilding for the Lord, for God would be with them (2:4).

2:5 God made a promise to Israel when he brought them out of Egypt that he would bring them to a place of blessing. And, indeed, he had. They’d since been removed from that place and returned to it, but in spite of all that had happened, God’s Spirit was still among his people. He’d not forgotten them.

2:6-7 God declares, Once more, in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth (2:6). Shaking refers to God’s intentional interruption of the natural order of things. And, in this case, he intended to shake things up to turn things around so that glory would come to his house (2:7). In chapter 1, God shook things up so that Israel would put him first. And often once we learn to do that, he’ll shake things up “once more” to remind us that we are in an unshakeable kingdom. When Jesus had two fish and five barley loaves to feed thousands of people, the disciples said it was an unresolvable situation. Jesus took the bread and the fish, looked up to heaven, and gave thanks, because Jesus was looking at his unshakable kingdom (see Matt 14:13-21).

God often puts people in uncomfortable situations just before he does something that has never been done before. There is, in fact, a worldwide shake-up taking place now. The tragedy is that while we see the things going on, we don’t make a spiritual connection—we don’t realize that God is at work to take us to another place.

Before you go to church, you iron your clothes because you want to look nice. You see something crooked and wrinkly and straighten it out. You apply heat and steam to accomplish the desired result. And similarly, God will apply heat to your situation just long enough to straighten your thinking. He wants to look good in you when you represent him.

2:8-9 The people were advancing God’s kingdom program, giving God a central place of worship. Thus, the temple they built would be a precursor to the millennial temple that will stand when the Messiah rules the world from Jerusalem. God has inexhaustible resources, including silver and gold from the nations (2:8), that he can use to beautify it. The restored temple of the future will have a greater glory than Solomon’s (2:9) because of the presence of Jesus.