1 Chronicles 12

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 12

Chapter Overview:

The companies that came to David at Ziklag, ver. 1 - 22.
The armies that came to him at Hebron, ver. 23 - 40.


12:2Even - Of Saul's own tribe: who were moved hereto by God's spirit, by the conscience of their duty to David; and by theirobservation of God's departure from Saul, and of his specialpresence with David.
12:4Thirty - Who came attended with thirty valiant Benjamites, and was their commander.
12:17The God of our fathers - He calls God, the God of our fathers, both his fathers and theirs; thus he minds them, not to dealill with him; for they were both descendents from the same patriarchs,and servants of the same God. And thus he encourages himself to believe,that God would right him, if he was abused. For he was the God of hisfathers; therefore a blessing was entailed upon him: and a God to allIsrael in particular, as well as a Judge to all the earth.
12:18The Spirit - Not only saving graces, but other heroical and generous motions are ascribed to God's spirit, which here stirred upin him a more that ordinary greatness of mind and resolution.
12:20As - As he returned from the camp of the Philistines to Ziklag.
12:21Against - Against the Amalekites who had taken and burnt Ziklag, whom David and his six hundred men were now pursuing.
12:22That time - While he was at Ziklag, and in his march to Hebron, and principally at Hebron. Like - Innumerable, like thestars or angels, both which are called God's hosts.
12:24Six thousand, &c. - Who came hither in the name of their brethren; for that whole tribe stuck to David.
12:27Jehoida - Not the high - priest, for that was Abiathar, 23:6 , but one of eminent place under him.
12:29Kept the ward - Endeavoured to keep the crown in Saul's family.
12:31Manasseh - Which was within Jordan: for of the other half beyond Jordan he speaks, ver. 37 .By name - Who were not ashamed publickly to own David by putting theirnames to some paper presented to them for that purpose.
12:32The times - They understood public affairs, the temper of the nation, and the tendencies of the present events. And they shewed theirwisdom at this time; for as they had adhered to Saul while he lived,as knowing the time was not yet come for David to take possession ofthe kingdom: and as they could not join David, while Abner lived,and had the command of the other tribes wherewith they were encompassed,so as soon as he was dead, and they had opportunity to declare themselves,they owned David for their king.
12:33Double heart - They were sincerely loyal, and did not dissemble with David, pretending to be for him, while in their hearts theyfavoured Saul's family. And none had any separate interests, but allwere for the public good.