1 Chronicles 13

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 13

Chapter Overview:

David brings up the ark from Kirjath - jearim, ver. 1 - 8.
Uzza being smitten, it is left at the house of Obed - edom, ver. 9 - 14.


13:2David said - After this was proposed by the king and accepted by the people, this great assembly was dismissed, only some of them Davidreserved to go with him against Jerusalem, which accordingly he did,and succeeded in his enterprize. But before this resolution could beexecuted, the Philistines came and fought twice with David, as isrelated 5:17 ,22, &c. and here chap. 1 Chronicles 14:8 , &c. And afterthey were repulsed with great loss and shame, David sets upon theexecution of what he had resolved, and in order to it calls another generalassembly of the people. Of the Lord - If this translation of the ark bepleasing to God. Are left - After the great desolations and destructionswhich God for their sins had made among them.
13:3For, &c. - The ark was then neglected; and the generality of the people contented themselves with going to Gibeon and offering sacrificesthere, not caring, though the ark, the soul of the tabernacle, was inanother place. As soon as David had power in his hand, he would use itfor the advancement of religion. It ought to be the first care of thosethat are enriched or preferred, to honour God with their honours, and toserve him and the interests of his kingdom among men, with their wealthand power.
13:6That is - The same city was called by both names.
13:10Put his hand, &c. - Let the case of Uzza warn us, to take heed of presumption or rashness with regard to holy things; and notto think, that a right intention will justify a wrong action.
13:11Perez - uzza - That is, the breach of Uzza. Let David's displeasure on this occasion caution us, to watch over our spirit,lest when God reproves us, instead of submitting to God, we quarrelwith him. If God be angry with us, shall we dare to be angry with him?
13:14And the Lord blessed, &c - Let this encourage us to welcome God's ordinance into our houses, believing the ark is a guest no body shall loseby. Nor let it be the less precious to us, for its being to others a rockof offence.