1 Chronicles 16

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 16

Chapter Overview:

David's sacrifices and alms, ver. 1 - 3.
He appoints Levites to minister before the ark, ver 4 - 6.
His psalm of thanksgiving, ver. 7 - 36.
Ministers and others are appointed to attend the ark continually, ver. 37 - 43.


16:4To thank, and praise - All our rejoicings should express themselves in thanksgivings to him, from whom all our comforts are received.
16:7First - Hereby it is implied, that after this he delivered many other psalms into their hands, to be sung by them to the praiseof God in his public service. We shall find it in the same words, in Psalms 105:1 - 15 and Psalms 96:1 - 11, all but the three last verses.
16:35From the Heathen - This psalm or prayer was made by David for the use of the church, not only in that present time, but in future ages,in which David foresaw by the spirit of prophecy, the Israeliteswould forsake God, and for their apostacy be dispersed among the Heathens.In the midst of our praises, we must not forget to pray for those servantsof God that are in distress. When we are rejoicing in God's favours, weshould remember our afflicted brethren, and pray for their deliverance asour own. We are members one of another.
16:37He left - He appointed them their work and station there.Indeed no incense was burnt there, nor sacrifices offered, because thealtars were not there. But David's prayers were directed as incense,and the lifting up of his hands as an evening sacrifice. So early didspiritual worship take place of ceremonial.
16:39Zadok - The chief - priest at Gibeon, where the tabernacle and altar made by Moses still were, where also the ordinary sacrificeswere offered, and the stated worship of God was performed, as theextraordinary worship was before the ark upon great occasions, as whenGod was consulted, which was to be done before the ark and by thehigh - priest, who was Abiathar.
16:40Which he commanded Israel - These must be kept up; because however in their own nature they were inferior to prayer and praise,yet as they were types of the mediation of Christ, the observance ofthem was of mighty importance.
16:42Of God - Appropriated to the worship of God; not such as they used on other occasions. Between common mirth and holy joy, there isa vast difference: and the limits and distances between them must becarefully kept up.